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there’s a bit of adeline in all of us August 24, 2008

Posted by Madeline in Uncategorized.

Requisite Disclaimer:

This vid is rough: we are bedraggled and tired from a weekend of partying. And it gets tighter as we warm up, so leave the sound down for the first 30 seconds. Oh, and I had laryngitis from a trip to Hershey Park earlier in the week (I am hoarse from screaming on the Great Bear).


Happy 60, mom. My present to her: a granddaughter who will sing barbershop.



1. Becca - August 24, 2008

What fun!! I hope I can be as cool a mom when my kids are as big as yours. I love that song too. My husband is in a barbershop quartet too… they even sang at our wedding reception.

2. Ryan - August 24, 2008

You all sound great! I love that it is all in the family…very talented. Sounds like a fun weekend too. Thanks for sharing and keeping barbershop alive and well.

3. moojah - August 25, 2008

That was great….ive told you before, she should have some singing lessons cause she has a great voice. Now i have a great idea for a birthday present.

4. deloosemoose - August 25, 2008

Sounds REALLY good to me! What an amazingly talented family.
I lurve you all!!

5. Kristen - August 26, 2008

Very cool…H has a beautiful voice!

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