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settling in September 27, 2008

Posted by Madeline in daily dilly-dally.

So, my mom says I’m not posting enough here. Yeah, she’s right. Here’s where I’m at:

A full third into my first semester at the new gig. I’m still giddily happy, though my giddiness is interspersed with moments of holy-crap-I’ve-never-had-this-much-responsibility-in-my-life. But then I remind myself that I began raising children at the age of 20, and that they’re all fairly well-adjusted, healthy, and smart.* And so I can *do this.* And I am.

I now officially have three hockey players. Little J started this morning at our local rink. After a bout of shyness and fear because he was just about the smallest/youngest boy there, he happily ran the drills with the big kids.** H has had a great field hockey season; while I am less-than-thrilled that they wear skirts to play, I will admit it’s a pretty tough-looking sport, and her coach is fabulous: lots of encouragement and team-building.

Still trying to find/make a local running community for myself. I’m on a mailing/listserv for an active runners’ club in Reading, but the drive is too far to make the weekly trail runs. What I need is a GOOD FRIENDLY LIBERAL KINDERGARTEN TEACHER NEIGHBOR who’s got a little more discipline and a little less restraint than I do. She needs to paint home made campaign signs*** and make lemon bars. 

*H is currently brushing her hair for the gad-zillionth time today. Which I suppose is healthy for an-almost-12-year-old.

**SC PA is not like CNY, where people start their kids in hockey before they can walk. Most kids in the beginning hockey class were Big J’s age/size, and Little J was a bit disgruntled: “Where’s the LITTLE KIDS, Ma?? You said there’d be little kids here!!”

***Though I’d settle for running with the person who fashioned this sign:



1. deloosemoose - September 28, 2008

That llama might make an excellent running partner – he reminds me of the one that we see outside the Utica Zoo during the Boilermaker! (Though I’d question his culinary abilities. Probably best to pass on his lemon bars.)

And your mom’s right – your public demands more posts!!

2. Kristen Roney - September 28, 2008

That llama is tres fabulous 🙂

And mom is always right, lady.

3. lunaboricua - September 29, 2008

I guess that’s better than the Nobama sticker I saw today in DC…

4. J - October 12, 2008

Nothing can compare to CNY, once you’ve lived here more than four years it is in your blood. J

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