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settling in September 27, 2008

Posted by Madeline in daily dilly-dally.

So, my mom says I’m not posting enough here. Yeah, she’s right. Here’s where I’m at:

A full third into my first semester at the new gig. I’m still giddily happy, though my giddiness is interspersed with moments of holy-crap-I’ve-never-had-this-much-responsibility-in-my-life. But then I remind myself that I began raising children at the age of 20, and that they’re all fairly well-adjusted, healthy, and smart.* And so I can *do this.* And I am.

I now officially have three hockey players. Little J started this morning at our local rink. After a bout of shyness and fear because he was just about the smallest/youngest boy there, he happily ran the drills with the big kids.** H has had a great field hockey season; while I am less-than-thrilled that they wear skirts to play, I will admit it’s a pretty tough-looking sport, and her coach is fabulous: lots of encouragement and team-building.

Still trying to find/make a local running community for myself. I’m on a mailing/listserv for an active runners’ club in Reading, but the drive is too far to make the weekly trail runs. What I need is a GOOD FRIENDLY LIBERAL KINDERGARTEN TEACHER NEIGHBOR who’s got a little more discipline and a little less restraint than I do. She needs to paint home made campaign signs*** and make lemon bars. 

*H is currently brushing her hair for the gad-zillionth time today. Which I suppose is healthy for an-almost-12-year-old.

**SC PA is not like CNY, where people start their kids in hockey before they can walk. Most kids in the beginning hockey class were Big J’s age/size, and Little J was a bit disgruntled: “Where’s the LITTLE KIDS, Ma?? You said there’d be little kids here!!”

***Though I’d settle for running with the person who fashioned this sign:


two lists for friday August 15, 2008

Posted by Madeline in daily dilly-dally.

The hideous crap I’ve eaten today:
1 monster cinnamon roll
1 pile of the dissertator’s trail mix: Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos
1 (admittedly smallish, because I needed room on the plate for above trail mix) roast beef and tomato on wheat
1 Grande Iced Coffee, cream and sugar
1 more monster cinnamon roll
(and just let me remind you that the day is not over…)

I think it’s safe to say that 1) I’ve eaten NOTHING of any nutritional value today, and 2) it’s pretty freekin’ obvious why I can’t wear any of my clothes.

The great music I’ve listened to today:
The Proclaimers _Sunshine on Leith_
Tori Amos _Little Earthquakes_
Sarah McLachlan _Fumbling Towards Ecstasy_
Edie Brickell’s _Ghost of a Dog_
Jimi Hendrix _Are You Experienced?_
Simon and Garfunkel _Greatest_
Rockapella _Primer_
Van Morrison _Best of_
Harry Connick, Jr. _30_

I had to take a writing break when Rockapella came up on the player to google Sean Altman. I adore his work and his voice; apparently he’s still around, singing with The GrooveBarbers, a name I’ll forgive him for, that’s how much I like him.

mork August 5, 2008

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Nearly two full days of watching TV has turned Big J into Mork from Ork. He’s bored out of his mind. Tomorrow, I promise I’ll take them to the pool. Promise.

this is not a real offer for free kids August 2, 2008

Posted by Madeline in daily dilly-dally.

This pic reflects (heh), somewhat, the mirror situation in the living room. Since I originally posted about the mirrors, my mom has visited and remarked that they aren’t as bad as I made them out to be.

Well, this is my blog, and I’m prone to a little hyperbole for effect. Anyhow, even if they’re a little darkish and smokey, they’re STILL MIRRORS.

In other news, my kids are driving me nuts. They fight and demand and yell and I’m ready to ship them off to the first taker. Any takers? They’re cute when they’re clean. The older two are perfectly capable of menial labor (it’s just the coaxing/bribing them to do it that’s a bit tricky). The small one will tell you spontaneously that he loves you and that you are a “pretty mama” (even if you’re not) which makes his being around halfway tolerable. But don’t let his charming smile fool you: he has the potential for nuclear meltdown in the middle of [choose your favorite public place; today it was the Dress Barn].

no more mr, no more pool, no more buddies. wah. July 16, 2008

Posted by Madeline in daily dilly-dally.

I got my official email address to from York, and alas, I am no longer Mr. Yonker (at whatever whatever) like I’ve been for lo these many years. Instead, I just get the M: myonker.

It’s the small, expected and insignificant changes like these that jar me.

Bigger unexpected changes simply foster a bit of resignation (and make me wonder why I didn’t expect them?). The struggle of the week has been finding a pool. The past several years we’ve been horribly spoiled by having friends with a great inground pool. Hot day? A trip to the Turo’s would fix that right up–whether they were home or not. We had our own public private pool. Here in town, a pool is much harder to come by, and is far more necessary (ack! the humidity is killing me!). Our friendly neighbors have invited us to visit “the club” where they swim (a local country club), but I am not a country club kind of gal. I mean, I am–because it’s the kind of place I would WORK (as a lifeguard)–but I would feel very out of place as a patron. Plus, I would be certain that one trip would immediately have H and the Js begging for us to join, which is not really in our financial future. Ever.

Other pools in the area are “club-style,” which means a family buys a membership and swims all season. Visitors are only allowed if accompanied by members. The local Y has an outdoor pool that you can buy day passes for, but they are $8 a person. It would be $32 for me to take the kids, and with my luck it would thunder after an hour and they’d kick everyone out (and probably not give us that literal rain check).

There is no city pool here, and to make matters worse, no public beach because — alas — there is no lake! Having lived 10 minutes away from two gorgeous lakes (Oneida and Ontario), each with both free and low-fee access, was something I clearly took for granted. I asked a neighbor where the nearest beach was and she answered, I think honestly (but probably not accurately), “Rehoboth?”

We do have a small brook that runs the edge of our back yard, which the boys spend hours in catching frogs and building dams and such. Another amenity is the Rail Trail, which Moose mentioned in an earlier comment, which runs from here south to the MD border (a little over 20 miles). I’ve used the trail twice for my runs, and it’s pleasant, shady, and well-used so I don’t ever feel like it’s creepy or lonely (although it would be least lonely with a buddy!)

the ugly in me June 26, 2008

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I’m horribly thrilled that Heather was unable to fulfill the 21-day cleanse.

Something is terribly wrong with me.

small fleeting paralysis June 11, 2008

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I’m moving in three weeks.

I’ve never, really ever, lived in one place as long as I’ve been here in CNY. Growing up, we moved just about every year, sometimes staying two years, and ironically, staying three once J, my stepdad, began working for the Department of Defense.

I am a moving-kinda gal, in the sense that picking up from one house and moving to another, wrenching myself from one neighborhood and one school to work my way into another, became very normal for me. In fact, I remember being in 8th grade (Thomas Jefferson in Waukegan, IL, if you care to know), and because I’d been there for 7th grade as well, I felt like things were a little off for me. People knew me too well.

But soon after that strange feeling of “too familiar” crept up on me, we moved to Kenosha, WI, where I finished the last 8 weeks of junior high. My teachers were appalled, mostly, that my parents couldn’t wait for the school year to finish, but I was happy. All was right with the world; we were moving again.

As an adult, I have moved pretty regularly as well, mostly trading small town houses for single-families as my own family grew, but also in service of my own figuring out what to do “when I grew up.”

I have really really loved living here. I don’t much care for the extreme weather, but when it comes down to it, anywhere I go there will be *something* I can complain about. Which also reminds me that where ever I go, I can be equally happy, as long as I’m looking in the right places.

Still, though, I’m feeling a bit of paralysis now, sitting in my dining room, surrounded by packages from Amazon of books I need to read (or, look at for an hour or so) for making diss revisions. The windows are open, the sun is patterning itself on the floor, and I’m thinking about packing and U-hauls and the sun hitting a new floor in a different pattern. I’m thinking about finding friends. What used to be easy for me to do as a child (“Hi, I’m new. Can I jump rope, too?”) seems untenable in adulthood (“Hi, I’m new. Can my kids play with your kids, and will your husband talk about hockey with my husband, and will you go running with me??”).


Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled to be moving. This (paralysis, anxiety), too, shall pass. But the prospect of, the getting ready for, the doing of, etc, has me mildly wanting to lay on the couch with my eyes shut.

yet another reason… June 3, 2008

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…to rejoice that this administration is on its way out.

Dick Cheney gaffes again.

the run-down May 19, 2008

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If you read me through an aggregator, you might not have noticed: I’m doing a lot of my updates through twitter now. I know I have quite a few readers who actually come (go?) to the academom site itself and read that way, so those visitors will already know that the current action is in the sidebar, not in the content box.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting here (although the thought has occurred to me that it very well might be time to close up shop–more on that in a later post). It does mean that many of my updates are not getting through to all readers.

So, my life in some tweet-sized bites, for those who have missed the twitter side:

I finally feel like is OK to make an official announcement: I did go on the market this past year, and I did indeed get a job. I’ll be at York College of Pennsylvania in the fall. I’m thrilled–so much so that I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

I don’t have a nightmarish job-market narrative. There were some funny (both ha-ha and strange) parts, but nothing was particularly dramatic or hellish.

B and I spent the last two months getting our house ready to sell. I think if I have to look at another paint brush anytime soon, I’ll throw myself into the bushes. But the house looks really really great (thanks in large part to B’s parents, who traveled up several times to help, and my parents, who took my kids over spring break so we could refinish the floors).

We got an acceptable offer on our house just 12 days after it went on the market.

The key to keeping the house “ready to show” when there are three children in said house: put all of their toys and half their clothes in storage.

Date we’ll officially become Yorkers: last weekend of July.

On tap for this summer: Frankstock 2008 in June (family reunion) and my mom’s 60th birthday blow-out bash in August; two events which require me to get my guitar-playing chops back.

I am suffering with chronic fatigue. I’ve not been diagnosed, but the past couple weeks have been hard. By about 11 am I’m sleepy and coffee is pretty much ineffectual. I picked up some vitamins and I’m going to try to cut back on the junk to see if that will pep me up a bit.

This week is the “get ready for Buffalo” week. As in years past, I’ve spent the week before the Buffalo marathon intent on sleeping at least 8 hours a night, (good) carb loading, and drinking tons of water. This year, while I’ll only be running the half, will be no different.

#500 May 6, 2008

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Hi everyone!!!

This is post #500 on ye olde blog academom.

I have written 500 times here.

Hole. Eee. Sheet.

And since you’re here, I’m sending you away. Please consider buying my house. It’s beautiful and perfect and I don’t want to leave it, but I think moving the house to York, PA would be cost-prohibitive.